September 14, 2020

"We recently moved to a place where we can use a well for irrigation, but we were told there is not much water during summer time. Besides a large water bill, this did not bother us until one day we saw water gushing out of the storage tank and later we identified that it was the city water that got leaked and back flowed to the tank. While we shut off the valves from the city water, it left us no water to irrigate the garden. Jim is the second person I contacted to solve the problem. The first one never answered my phone. Jim came the next day, and it's a Saturday. He quickly identified the problem. Because he didn't have the right tools with him, he took the broken part back and repaired it over the weekend. On Monday, he sent in two people and fixed the problem within an hour. For me it's like a magic, not only the leak from the city water was stopped, but I was also instructed how to properly use the well for irrigation! I like these people a lot, helpful, patient, very capable and knowledgeable. They also charge a reasonable price. It's a pleasure to deal with them. From now on, I know whom to contact for my well problems!"
February 23, 2017

"My shallow irrigation well broke, so I called Wilkinson to schedule an appointment. Jim showed up on time, and quickly identified the source of my problems. He then repaired some melted/swollen pipes, reprimed the well, and adjusted the shutoff pressure sensor... and now my well is back in working order and ready for a hot summer. Efficient, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. When my well next needs service I'll definitely be calling these guys back."
February 18, 2017

"We were disillusioned Simms customers and are very happy to have switched to Wilkinson well & pump. Always helpful, prompt, knowledgable, and a pleasure to deal with. Absolutely recommend them, and they are certified with the county so can take care of the various required inspections."