Well Drilling Services in Half Moon Bay, CA

It takes a proven professional to drill and plumb a reliable well on your property—one that works efficiently and meets your expectations for years to come. Property owners near Half Moon Bay, CA know they can trust Wilkinson Well and Pump with home water filters and complete services, from dowsing and drilling to well pump replacement and well pump repair. We put decades of expertise to work for every customer, to leave you with a well that works.

Water well drilling

We can navigate into even the tightest residential spaces thanks to our lightweight, maneuverable water well drilling rig. This, combined with our expertise in dowsing and geological surveying capabilities, means we’re always drilling in the best spot and installing your well to a precise depth.

Well repair, maintenance and cleaning

Over time and with use, your well will require minor repairs, general maintenance and cleaning. We handle the complete care of your well throughout the years, to help you avoid the cost and inconvenience that comes with well failure or contamination.

Water pump systems

Let our team outfit your well with the right submersible. Whether it’s part of a new well installation or a well pump replacement, you’ll get the convenience and reliability that comes with a pump that simply works. And, if there are ever issues with pressure or functionality, call us to fix them. We’re available for emergencies!

Home water filters

Well water can carry excess minerals or even small levels of chemicals that have leached into the aquifer. Home water filters are your solution to removing everything from arsenic to excessive calcium or iron, so you can be sure that all you’re putting in your body is pure, safe water. If you’re interested in installing whole house water filters, give us a call!

Bladder tanks

Bladder tanks are a useful installation on all types of properties, serving the needs of agricultural, commercial and even residential owners. Whether you use them as part of an irrigation system or in potable water treatment, we can install them safely, so they work reliably.

Well water testing

Curious about the composition of your water? We can conduct a water quality test to tell you exactly what’s present—and how to address any unwanted chemicals or minerals. From heavy metals to runoff contaminants, we give you the full picture, so you can act wisely in filtering and purifying your potable water.

Water Well destruction

Need to close a well? We dismantle and close wells to EPA standards, to ensure the area is properly remediated. We can also provide documentation for well demolition, so property owners can transact their land without barriers.

Water Well Storage

Water well storage tanks benefit anyone whose water usage surpasses the well’s water production. The system operates by pulling water from the tank and delivering a greater water flow than the well would on its own. California counties also require additional water storage for fire protection on domestic systems.

Your Solution to Well and Pump Service

Whether you need a brand-new well drilled and plumbed or the time has come for emergency well pump repair, Wilkinson Well and Pump is standing by. Contact us today at 650-726-4212 for more information on replacing whole house water filters or to request a quote on well drilling services near Half Moon Bay, Montara, Moss Beach, or El Granada, CA.